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There is an immense potential inside of you, it’s just waiting for you to be discovered.


Body-oriented coaching

The only way to feel happiness and thus create happy moments in the future is presence. Real presence requires to completely arrive in your body. Your body is your home and reflects your own inner world.

In body-oriented coaching, we combine conversations and “head work” with your natural joy in movement and the power of your breath. In this way, you give yourself the chance to find out what you really think about yourself in depth, and can thus explore and transform destructive behavior patterns.


In addition to working in individual sessions, experiences in a group can give you new insights about yourself. You are learning to perceive yourself through conscious connection with other people.

Furthermore, to the guided breathing journeys, I offer great collaborations with other trainers in the areas of tantra and consciousness training.

Let's go to the events!

*picture copyright Xperience Festival 2022

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