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There is an immense potential and healing power inside of you, it’s just waiting for you to be discovered.

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Do you feel like you are short of breath?

You are not alone. Driven by the spirit of our time, people are often feeling breathless. Every single moment in your life has its unique breathing pattern. Conscious breathing can change your life permanently by strengthening you mentally, stimulating your immune system, and giving you new access to your personal needs and feelings.


The Online Breathing Journey is a 60 minutes dive deep session from the comfort of your home. In this Breathwork-Meditation, I will guide you through two rounds of rhythmic breathing and we will focus on:

•    releasing stress & resistance
•    body awareness
•    inner freedom and peace
•    joy & sensuality

60 Minutes

60 Euro


Do you want to go deeper and find out why your breath is so powerful?


A Breathwork Coaching includes 3 sessions in which we discover your breathing pattern, release accumulated stress and suppressed emotions and integrate breathing techniques for your everyday life. You will learn physiological knowledge about your breath and practices from yoga philosophy tailor-made to your personal needs.


As we will do intense bodywork, the Breathwork Coaching is only taking place in person.

Contact me for a free Discovery Call.

3 x 120 Minutes

350 Euro

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